Feature Request - Far End Camera Control in Multipoint Call

Idea created by jdueltgen on Nov 20, 2015
    Pending Review

    As a long-time Lifesize infrastructure customer I keep finding subtle things that are missing from my Cloud experience.  Today it is far end camera control in a multipoint call or virtual meeting room.  In our old non-cloud configuration using Room/Team 220 systems you simply pressed the remote camera control button multiple times to toggle through which of the remote endpoints you wanted to control.  In Cloud you can't control the remote end camera in a multipoint or virtual meeting room call, even if there are only two participants in the virtual meeting room.  You see a lock icon in the lower left of the screen to show that you can't control their camera.  I would like to see this ability added to the Cloud service.  It is something I use frequently when calling room-to-room.  The remote participants rarely manage to point and zoom their camera optimally, no matter how many times they've been trained to do so.