Feature Request: ICON Screen Layout for presentation in call (with touch screen)

Idea created by mkluge Partner on Dec 4, 2015
    Pending Review



    currently (when Icon is connected to a single screen) you have the following layout options (presentation + in call):

    1. Presentation ~75% of screen, far end video ~25% of screen

    2. Presentation full screen

    3. Far end video full screen


    Option 1 is the default option.


    You can enable PIP of the near end video in all three options.


    Feature Request:

    Option 2 with Presentation in full screen and far end video as PIP (instead of near end video).


    Use case:

    For a touch screen, we want to use the touch functionality in presentations. But the default layout (option 1) is not suitable for this case since the touch position on the screen does not match the position at the presentation. But this is the only layout where we can see both, presentation + far end. So it would be great to see the far end video as PIP.




    it would be great to have the possibillity to enable this option as default layout.

    Currently, when we start new a call and start the presentation, the ICON always returns to the default layout (option 1). So we have to change the layout manually for each new call.