Feature Request - Cloud Moderator

Idea created by jgonzalez Support on Dec 8, 2015

    Submitting feature request on behalf customer.


    - More granular control for the moderator. I believe that a moderator should be able to selectively mute/unmute audio and/or video for each of the attendees instead of the current mute all/unmute all button.


    - Please add additional controls for configuring VMR's - such as the option to mute all on entry and possibly display a configurable MOTD style banner on join.


    - Also increased chat functionality such as being able to send a message to the entire conference room. Not all environments utilize headsets and so it is imperative that users be able to interject while being muted so that they can add to a topic or "raise their hand" so that they can unmute and be heard.

    Most of this functionality already exists in current web-conference solutions and while LifeSize video conferencing is heads above with regards to the audio/video streaming, I honestly find it quite lacking in rather basic collaborative functionality.