Disable Clearsea IVR (vote this idea up!)

Idea created by jwinterbottom on Jan 6, 2016
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    We recently started to get spam call hitting our Clearsea IVR.  Clearsea is our main access point to the outside world so it naturally has to be somewhat open and accessible from outside our network.  we would normally stop these calls by disabling SIP but doing so on Clearsea stops users from dialing into our video Centre which is a big deal.  If Clearsea had a feature that disabled the meeting IVR, this would essentially stop all malicious calls.  I rarely if ever direct users to the IVR, the only time I've used it is when i make a mistake entering an extension which forces me to the IVR to enter the proper extension.  I think turning off the IVR is a much better option compared to constantly blacklisting IP's.  The biggest issue with the spam calls hitting our Clearsea server is that any call that is in the IVR uses up a port.  I had 12 simultaneous calls (all spam) using up 12 ports the other day.  Vote this up, I consider it a must have feature.