feature request: post-mortem diagnosis tool, behind the scenes

Idea created by jmendenhall on Jan 12, 2016

    It would be nice to have a post-mortem diagnosis tool, that works behind the scenes.


    With Lifesize becoming so popular in our organization, when something goes wrong, it is a letdown.


    The quick solution is to reboot the Lifesize unit, or the Lifesize cloud application, and they are happy as a clam.


    I know it is best to determine the root cause. After a reboot, how do we find that?


    I propose there be a post-mortem tool of some kind that stores the state of the Lifesize unit, somewhere, and allows it to be sent to the Lifesize Gurus at Lifesize, with potentially some information be sent to our local system administrators, if there is something we can do (network configuration, bandwidth issues, connection to cloud servers, whatever the case may be).


    Thank you for listening.