VideoCenter- Pause recording

Idea created by richdwa Partner on Jan 15, 2016
    Pending Review

    Good day all. I have an idea I'd like to toss out there that has been mentioned to me a number of times by my Higher-Education clients on multiple occasions- the ability to "pause" a recording and then resume it.


    Imagine you are using LifeSize and VideoCenter to record classes and procedures (think Medical schools versus regular classrooms for a moment here) and there are times when if you could touch a button on the screen to pause would save you HOURS of post editing later on. Because you (the instructor in this case, our clients) spends most of their editing time doing just that, cutting out areas that they know they don't want and during the recording they knew that too- so their choices were to stop and start 11 times or go back and edit for hours. Frustrating, right?


    I'd like to hear from the community and get some support, as we all know VideoCenter IS sticking around and continuing to be developed, so this is a feature I think would be a BIG hit.,


    What do you think??