Lifesize Video app - blink/beep on new text message

Idea created by on Feb 3, 2016
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    The old ClearSea application that we used for computer to computer video and chat. The app system tray icon would blink when you had a new message. The new Lifesize Video application doesn't notify you at all, so you never know if you've got a new text message waiting. (it's not practical to always have the application the front most window to see the in-app status for incoming texts)


    Can you please update the LS Video app so it blinks (or even better, have the option of a beep alert upon incoming text. We don't want to have to change to the cloud service right now.


    LS Video BLINK.png

    Platform 3.1.0(3)



    CS Server:v. 5.0.14 (53)