Improved and customizable invites from LifeSize Cloud PC

Idea created by on Feb 4, 2016
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    (I haven't found this idea in the forum before, but bare with me if you already raised it somewhere)


    We are new to the LifeSize family and apreciate the product very much. But we can also see some areas for improvements of course.


    Today in the LifeSize Cloud PC Client the US call in voice number is always shown and also when you click Invite / Email an invitation. This is no good for us in Europe and Asia. I've seen in the ideas section for ICON systems that LifeSize are working on a GeoIP solution where the ICON systems should locate itself and guess what number are closest. This will not work for us because we have a private WAN connecting all ofices and a common firewall and ip-adress in Sweden. So all system would think they are in Sweden using GeoIP.


    A better solution would be if we could set the localisation for ICON systems via the web configuration, and for LifeSize PC Cloud client set a default localisation in the portal: The best would be if we could taylor the message because we would probably also want to present more than one number, e.g. Sweden, Denmark and maybe more.


    One thing that also lacks from the email invitation is the video address, like "Video:" to use if you have another videoconference system.


    In the pc client there are also a button for "Share" - "Share the power of LifeSize CLoud by inviting new users to join our account". We are not ready to share our LifeSize licenses with anybody so we need to be able to disable this button.


    Best regards/Med vänliga hälsningar

    Rasmus Eriksson