Present friendly name when adding Lifesize Cloud contacts in Lync

Idea created by fredrikwiberg Partner on Feb 8, 2016



    We have a case where we need to solve how to present the friendly name of an Lifesize Cloud unit/user/vmr when adding them to Lync.


    As it works with Lync users (and some of Lifesize's competitors in video), you add an adress like and it automatically gets a friendly name like "Fredrik Wiberg" in the Lync client.

    But if a add an Lifesize Cloud contact ie., the name I get back is not the friendly name, that would be "Fredrik Wiberg", but the extension "282240". Even if I can rename it locally, it is not user friendly and certainly not scalable.


    So for big Lync customers who would use Lifesize endpoints and VMRs, this is vital. When this company is pushing out Lifesize Cloud adressers in their Lync environment, the Lync end user would only get numbers to call, not names. This greatly impacts the user friendliness of Lifesize Cloud.


    In some versions of Outlook and Lync, it works to add the Lifesize Cloud number as a contact in Outlook and the Lync will recognize it locally. But it does not cover the issue.


    It seems as it would be possible to send information about a friendly name back to a Lync-client, so wouldn't it be possible for Lifesize to figure this out?


    I really need this feature and I believe that it would be a great functions for Lifesize Cloud.


    Thank you!