Custom HD Phone Interface

Idea created by adarragh Partner on Feb 20, 2016

    Just a couple of ideas I had for the HD phone interface. Not sure if possible or already in the works?


    • Customise Background
    • Option to display in banner at top of homepage the System Name or System name + H.323 / SIP URI for external system dial in.
    • Ability to change city timezone at bottom of homepage.
    • When taping the city name on homepage get a pre-defined list of systems / vmr's associated to that location.
    • Change from displaying a city to most frequent called systems / customer defined systems. Maybe add the option in directory as well as favorites give option for home page.
    • Instead of having call buttons, present, camera etc the full length of screen, have a blank section for swiping. Too many times i try and swipe but select an option instead.


    Anyone else have any ideas / suggestions?