Feature Request - Option to change lecturer during a meeting

Idea created by pjones@marquettegroup.com on Mar 17, 2016
    Pending Review

    The option to set a lecturer for a meeting is a great start, but your customers feel it doesn't begin to cover all the use cases that exist for a cloud meeting.  The ability for a meeting moderator to bring up the list of participants and have a radio button style control to select the lecturer while the meeting is in progress would allow for a much cleaner experience when 2 different presenters are speaking from different locations - something that happens in our connected businesses very often.   Ideally, the current lecturer should also have an option to pass the lecturer role over to another user. The alternative currently is to allow Lifesize Cloud to pick the users it is showing based on who made noise last.  Adding this feature will give your users the ability to make company-wide presentations much less confusing to participate in.  This feature will also allow your users to curate their meetings and give a polished appearance to them, something that would be invaluable when using the service to communicate with and on-board prospective clients.  Lastly, I feel it would give those that need to communicate by non-aural means (sign-language users) a less-frustrating way to use a cloud meeting (currently, we can bang the table until we show up on the main screen, then begin signing and hope a listener doesn't sneeze or shift and change the order of the display).