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Idea created by cpeters01 on Mar 23, 2016
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    Our organization has been tracking an issue with the web app that has affected how we work over the past number of months and the only way the we have found out about changes to the web app is from direct contact to the marketing personnel and developers where we have pressed for information and finally been informed of the changes that have occurred. Some of those those changes affected the way things worked and had been in place for several weeks or months before we realized that those changes had affected how we did our work.


    I would propose a release process similar to any other software release on changes made to the web app so that users who employ that part of the service on a regular basis know when they occur and how they may affect our business operations. I think it would speed up recovery from any unforeseen issues and allow us as paying customers to be closer to the further development of a great product.


    Clare Peters

    University of Alberta