Support for multiple email domains via SSO

Idea created by mcook Employee on Apr 7, 2016

    Currently Lifesize Cloud 'Premium' and 'Enterprise' subscription customers can make use of Single Sign On (SSO), which is facilitated by SAML 2.0 and supported via various 3rd party IdPs or Microsoft ADFS v2.0/v3.0 IdP solutions. However, today only a single email address domain is supported via the SSO mechanism. This means that enabling SSO will only authenticate users with the specific email domain.e.g. if the customer has two email domains "" and "", but the SSO has been defined against "" accounts, only those users within the Lifesize Cloud account that have the ".com" email address will be directed to SSO, the users who have ".de" email addresses will be prompted to login without SSO.


    Some organisations (and existing Lifesize customers) have multiple email domains that are broken down for convenience or geographical reasons, each division having their own email sub-domains or different base domains. Here are some examples...


    Example A - Customer has multiple regional entities (difference base domain):,,,,, etc.


    Examples B - Subdomains,, etc.


    This Idea is intended to act as a feature request to Lifesize to add support for multiple email domains via SSO to cater for both existing Lifesize Cloud customers and new would-be customer requirements.