Feature Request - Bulk recording management for Amplify

Idea created by jsaylor Support on May 2, 2016

    Right now, each recording has to be downloaded individually, and once downloaded it is not named based off of the video's original titling, causing administrators to rename the videos for easier reference. This can be a simple task for accounts that rarely use Amplify, but administrators for accounts that use the service extensively are burdened with having to go through an extensive process to download and rename hours of videos. To ease this task, I request that a feature be created that allows bulk downloads of the videos, while naming them in such a way that they can be more cleanly identified. This could also include the ability to point the download to a specified location, instead of the computer being used to manage the Amplify account. The bulk management could be expanded to include bulk video deletion as well, and possibly an option for an expiry date for videos that reach a certain age.


    These features are desired to help in the ease of managing stored and downloaded Amplify videos.