Cloud connected 220's should be able to drop callers and end calls

Idea created by tbrenkwitz on Jun 14, 2016
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    Hi all,


    I have been told by LifeSize that once a 220 unit gets paired to cloud, it loses the functionality of being able to drop certain participants in a call. Even if it is the host of the call. Before being connected to cloud, when you press end, a drop down list of all the participants appears. When connected to cloud, that drop down list goes away.


    I have also seen that when you hang up a video call, it only drops your end. Everyone else on a 220 has to press end on their unit as well. Once connected to cloud, the ability to end the entire call goes away.


    These functions are vital to carrying on with business. Especially for those that have been used to using it all the time.