Feature Request - Allow Self View in Cloud VMRs

Idea created by jsaylor Support on Jun 24, 2016
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    • jsaylor
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    This feature request came about when a customer showed that they were no longer able to capture all video streams in one recorded stream. In the past, they recorded to an on-premise Video Center from Multipoint, and they would configure the recording to record far end only, with the conference set to show self view. This allowed for the far-end video stream to show all incoming video streams in one recorded stream, including the local unit's video, without the video streams having to be side by side. This allowed for a cleaner, voice switching recording, and this is currently not possible on Cloud, because the Cloud VMRs will always remove local video, causing all video streams to record with the local stream showing to the side, or the far-end streams to be the only ones recorded, and the local unit's stream to not be present in the recording. I have attached picture for reference.


    The request would be to make the Self View feature that is available for UVC Multipoint, available for Cloud VMRs.No Self View.PNGWith Self View.PNG