Edit Email / Calendar Invitation: Add "Our extension is: _________"

Idea created by chris.frace Partner on Jun 27, 2016
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    • michal@audiopro.cz
    • jmendenhall

    Guests will often ask "What is our extension?" They don't get the extension is the 6 to 7 digits at the end of the URL invitation. Can we add any clarity to the email invitation? See below for edits in red.


    Also, I like the idea of cleaning up the extra commentary in the email invitation. Keep it simple and that will speak to Lifesize's ease-of-use.


    Adding more information about calling from an existing Lifesize system seems to make things more confusing or distracting from the basic purpose - to get the guest on the call without picking up the phone to walk them through it.


    You're invited to call [Name / VMR] on Lifesize.


    Connect over video, our extension is: 123456



    Call in by phone, our extension is: 123456

       US: +1-844-572-5683 extension 123456


       Additional numbers:




    Try it free at www.lifesize.com.