Icon/Express reduce timer when stopping screen sharing

Idea created by yannick on Jul 12, 2016
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    Most of our rooms are setup so screen sharing starts automatically when you plug your laptop on the DVI/VGA cable. When you unplug the cable there is a 30 seconds timer during which no video is sent but the codec does not detect screen sharing is over. This result in the picture to still show a black screen where PC screen was displayed for all attendees. Yes users can manually click on the phone or remote control to instantly stop screen sharing but we want to keep it simple. I could not find any way to reduce this timer.


    We want to remove cables from our rooms and setup wireless screen sharing instead (Barco Clickshare). With this system users just click a buton to start sharing their screen . When they click again it just behaves as if you unplugged the VGA cable and you have to wait 30' to have the screen to adapt again and remove screen sharing. During this time, users sometimes click repeatedly on the button to try to disable screen sharing which results in the sharing to start again...