PSTN dial-out from Lifesize Cloud

Idea created by mcook Employee on Jul 15, 2016
    Pending Review

    As per the idea title, add PSTN dial-out functionality as an additional capability in future product versions.


    Use cases:

    • Dial outbound audio-only calls from Lifesize Cloud attached Icon and 220 series systems to PSTN numbers.
    • Dial outbound audio-only calls from Lifesize Cloud clients to PSTN numbers.


    Customer benefits:

    • Removes the need for a SIP registration to a local VoIP PBX and associated cost for this infrastructure.
    • Gives a user of Lifesize Cloud the ability to make PSTN calls from the desktop or mobile device reducing or eliminating the need for a local PBX and the associated costs.
    • Adds a workflow that's currently missing, as today PSTN participants can only dial-in to Lifesize Cloud.
    • Increases flexibility by allowing Lifesize Cloud users to dial-out to multiple participants and easily build larger voice conferences.