Default Time Zone should be Austin, TX, U.S.A

Idea created by ddarrow Partner on Jul 14, 2016
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    • sallen
    • ddarrow

    TL;DR > Pull an "Apple" and make the default setup Time Zone the same as your companies Time Zone - AUSTIN, TX.


    Whenever I setup or reset an Icon, the first few clicks of the remote are simple and quick... until I get to the screen where I need to choose a timezone, in which case, because the remote-to-Icon interface does not "scroll" when the UP button is held, I must now click the UP button 37,000 times to get all the way up to the US Time Zones I need to select, which takes the better part of three hours to complete.


    Now, I am willing to bet (because I don't know the statistics) that US sales are the highest out of all the countries? And that Greenwich (no, not Connecticut... England) has paid LifeSize a large sum of money to be the "Featured Time Zone of the LifeSize Icon Series"? I'm only kidding, I understand the decision to make Greenwich Mean Time the default was probably a quick thought-turned-solution in the light of greater programming mountains to climb when designing the Icon series.


    That said, since LifeSize is based out of Austin, TX, U.S.A, and there is (coincidentally?) a Time Zone for Austin, TX, U.S.A., why not make Austin, TX the default, and let all other choices be scrolled to by the end-users not as graced with the proximity to LifeSize HQ? Apple did it...