Configure Icon Camera Default Position and Calibration

Idea created by nate.cook on Jul 15, 2016
    Pending Review

    We would like to see the Icon codecs (Icon 400 or Icon 600/800 + Camera 10X) be able to set a different default camera position. Some of our conference rooms are laid out strangely and the camera needs to be panned, tilted, or zoomed every time. As of writing this, the camera returns to the same position as before the reboot. Sometimes this isn't ideal, as some during some meetings the camera is focused on something else - a specific seat, a whiteboard, or the corner of the ceiling.


    Perhaps the camera could calibrate at every reboot to determine its true 0 position, then automatically go to a specified preset.



    Ps. I would like to keep in mind that not all changes are made by the proper control method. I'm not sure what they're doing in the room that they are so concerned about the camera, but I have seen some users physically push the camera up or to the side. You could say that it really grinds my gears. The point is, the camera should calibrate itself when rebooting.