ADFS and Just in time Provisioning

Idea created by on Jul 25, 2016
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    About us: Multicompany Multipartner organization.  Airline services, catering, logistics.


    Target users of Lifesize: Only business users of the organization will require interactive audio and video conferencing.


    Issue:  Any individual that knows our IDP initiated login URL that host all of our applications will see it from the ADFS page drop-down.   Any individual that has AD credentials that selects Lifesize from dropdown and signs in with credentials will automatically be provision a Lifesize cloud account without any centralized control.   We would like to keep our licensing under control as our target users are expected to grow to 3000-5000 users not the 27000 users who currently having AD credentials.  These users do not require or fit the use case for Lifesize.  As we do understand in an different deployment scenario where all users require LS cloud accounts the Just in time provisioning make sense.


    Request: To have an admin approve "button or flow added to the provisioning workflow" (possibly and check box for "Enable Admin approve"...If enabled a approval from Global admin is required.  An added feature like this would help us with over-utilization of licenses and also provide us a layer of added security.


    Davis Nguyen

    Global IT, Senior Project Manager