Allow Custom Association of Specific Cities to Time Zones on Phone HD

Idea created by bburrage on Jul 26, 2016

    Being aware of what time it is in another area of the country or world could be important before placing a call to that destination. The Phone HD already affords users with some level of timezone awareness by giving administrators the ability to display four distinct and separate timezones on the Phone HD screen for user purposes. This feature is powerful as is but could be extended to lend even greater flexibility to administrators and extend additional awareness to users if administrators had the ability to associate a timezone (CST, MST, PST, EDT, etc.) with a specific city. In other words, if an administrator could associate a "smaller less known city" with another "major or more popular city" in that time zone this could help to further orient users to specific cities that they are familiar with as far as call destinations. From a practical standpoint this could play out as follows: The administrator could select "Denver" as a city knowing that it is in the "Mountain Time Zone" and then could be given the ability to change the name from "Denver" to "Bozeman" or any other city that users are more familiar with in the Mountain Time Zone.