Allow Further Customization of Phone HD Screen

Idea created by bburrage on Jul 26, 2016

    The Phone HD's current screen customization is very useful to administrators and users but there are some additional customization features that would make this an even more rich feature. For example, when the users select "Call" from the screen they have to swipe through a number of icons to get to the "Keypad". First of all, it is not intuitive to all users that you have to swipe to get to a separate icon in order to be able to dial digits. The ability to rearrange these icons so that the "Keypad" could be the first option would be useful to some enterprises. The current order of the icons from left to right "Favorites", "Directory", "Meetings", "Recents" and "Keypad" probably makes sense from a workflow point of view for many enterprises but it would add an additional level of useful flexibility to allow customers the ability to arrange these icons in a way that best suites their environment.