Feature Request - Icon Flex Audio Configurations

Idea created by jsaylor Support on Aug 16, 2016
    Pending Review

    The Icon Flex does not allow for many of the communication configurations that the other Icon series units do, because it is not intended to perform many of the communication control functions that the other units do. It is intended to act as a camera, Mic and speaker, but not to perform in-depth communication functions. At times, this prevents owners from customizing or testing audio connection issues for a configured SIP registrar, so I request that the Icon Flex be given the ability to alter Mic Gain and change the priority for audio codecs that can be used. Both of these features already exist on the other Icon builds, and I believe that both of them should be added to the command structure of the Flex to better support activities over configured SIP registrars.



    Provide owners with the ability to alter Mic Gain and the prioritization of the Flex's audio codecs, to better support SIP registrar operations.