better camera preset functionality for ICON 800 with 2 cameras

Idea created by jwinterbottom on Sep 22, 2016

    Hi All,


    We only have a couple Icon 800's on campus and I've yet to do a full run through of how the systems differ from other models but I came across something that was a little disappointing compared to how the 220 series used to function with multiple camera inputs.  We used to program camera presets across both camera inputs on the 220 series and allow the far end or near end to toggle between cameras in our rooms.  It doesn't appear that this is possible anymore on an icon 800, unless I'm doing something wrong.  We used to program at least two presets in our room that toggled between either camera and now it appears that you can only add presets for whatever active camera  is in use.  The room that I tried this in has a 10X camera and a camera 200 so I'm wondering if that's the reason its not working since the camera models are not the same.