Ability to add your own public keys to Lifesize Icon's for Authentication

Idea created by barbej on Sep 28, 2016
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    Having the ability for on premises Lifesize Icon's have the ability to upload and use public keys for security for SSH and HTTP(S). At the moment this is only enabled for the Cloud connected systems running version 2.11 of the firmware. This feature is needed as security becomes increasingly important. The company I work for now routinely run security scans to find security weaknesses in equipment. It  is also confusing when the Lifesize Icon documentation tells you how to configure this feature but then fails to mention which version of software it applies to and also that it is a cloud only release. I only found this out via a support call. There is no mention this feature will make it to non-cloud devices and they could not confirm this would happen. Lifesize support did request if I wanted the feature that I should raise it as an idea which I am doing now, so please support me in pushing for this.