Icon Health Monitoring

Idea created by philipp@surveymonkey.com on Oct 3, 2016
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    • philipp@surveymonkey.com

    I think Lifesize should create an application that can report on the health of the icons. Currently, the only thing we can see from the main control panel in cloud is if a unit is registered or not. And even then, it does not send an alert when a unit goes offline. I would love for lifesize to integrate simple SNMP monitoring into the cloud that can report on things like camera stopped working, phone not booting up properly, or any sort of issues that are happening, and then email us so we are proactively addressing the issues.


    Currently, we have to rely on users to tell us when something is wrong and it is a waste of everyone's time to troubleshoot on the spot and the users have to find another working room. We would pay $ for a Lifesize developed application to monitor the units.