Test Link for First Time Cloud Users

Idea created by nick.ariganello@asterandbio.com on Nov 3, 2016
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    Here are some of the things that can trip up meeting participants using cloud for the first time:

    • Web browser version
    • Insufficient rights to install plug-in or the thick client
    • Software/hardware firewalls
    • No webcam

    The problem is that these environmental challenges are not discovered until the meeting is set to begin.


    Idea: create a web page, similar to the current landing page, explicitly for testing.  Include the link to test "First time Lifesize Cloud users? Click here to get your system setup" in all invitations.  Then run the browser, port, and device check when the user tests and provide clear feedback as to what may be failing and what they can do to resolve it.  If successful, broadcast a quick promo to demonstrate that screen sharing, video and audio are functioning as expected.