Add "Play a test sound" to webapp pre-call screen

Idea created by mgeoffriau on Nov 8, 2016
    Pending Review

    I'd like to request that the "Play a test sound" option in the Settings menu of the webapp be added to the pre-call A/V test screen as well. This way, new users can set and test not only their camera and microphone, but their speaker output as well.


    In the webapp Settings menu, you have the option to play the test sound as well as selecting and testing the camera and microphone:




    However, the A/V selection screen that appears when responding to an invitation (and before joining the call) only shows the camera and microphone selection options, with no option to play a test sound:




    Adding the "Play a test sound" option to this screen would bring some consistency across menus and some functionality and convenience for first-time users.