Feature Request - Allowing Removal of the Embedded Video Control in Video Center Playback

Idea created by jsaylor Support on Nov 22, 2016
    Not Currently Considered
    • dameade04

    The following was provided by an end-customer with requirements to remove the video control from Video Center playback. This request is to make this possible in Video Center, but also to provide assistance in research and engineering as requested below.


    Research and Engineering support to address the following requirement:


    Is it possible to get some help for removing/disabling the control bar on embedded videos?

    When embedding a video in a CSX web app, the control bar with Play, Pause, volume, etc is always visible and active. We have a business requirement to remove that control bar and auto-play the video, to enforce that certain short videos play all the way through. The developer has conquered the "auto-play" requirement, but cannot seem to find a way to hide/remove/disable the control bar. Can Lifesize provide support/guidance to address this.


    We can provide the code we are using to embed, if that would be helpful. We are running on a JSP using an <embed> tag.