Automatic Meeting Creation/Deletion Using Outlook Plugin

Idea created by iamrad on Jan 6, 2017
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    Creating meeting spaces using the LifeSize web app is super easy, no arguments here.

    Deleting them is arguably just as simple.


    But what if my executives or their assistance want a meeting space that's only available while their meetings are taking place?

    I mean, I can make that happen... (and don't really have the option of saying no...)

    - Create it right before their meeting starts

    - Ensure all parties involved receive the right connection information (right before the meeting? Sketchy...)

    - Delete the space right after their meeting is over


    But what if...


    What if while generating an invite through the outlook plugin there was a "Create Room For This Meeting" option?

    The existing plugin popup window could have a button for this, or maybe an option in the drop down menu.


    If selecting the "Create" option, something very similar to the window we get while creating a meeting room in the web app could be presented.


    As the meeting is being created using the Outlook plugin, it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to assume that the time/date of the meeting could be utilized to create the room (maybe a half hour before the meeting starts), and when the meeting is over, the room could expire/be removed (maybe a half hour after), provided the room is empty.


    Desired passcodes, moderators/lectures could be defined/provided via the plugin and the space could pop into existence, seemingly all on its own, then disappear without a trace after everyone has left (or more importantly, without leaving that entry in the meeting room list from 2 months ago nobody ever got around to deleting).


    This seems like it would be easy enough to implement, the "Create" and "Delete" functions already exist, but happen when triggered by a user, not by any kind of date/time event.


    Scheduling the "Create" and "Delete" functions is the idea behind the idea...  (+plugin integration!)