Cloud Account Overview automatically emailed to Administrator

Idea created by schepsmel Partner on Jan 2, 2017
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    • lhead
    • kestutis
    • ssadam
    • schepsmel

    Keeping the administrator up-to-date with high level information to keep them proactive would be helpful.  Information such as:


    • Critical packet loss on calls
    • Over subscription of users
    • Over subscription of Amplify Recording Hours
    • Call usage, including dramatic drop in usage
    • Subscription End Dates (AMS/Cloud)
    • New users joined account
    • Suggestion to trial new features, like Live Streaming


    I would suggest the email is sent automatically once a week, it needs to be brief so the administrator spends less than 30 seconds to review then delete or file in a folder.  I believe this will help keep Lifesize Cloud front of mind and make the administrator feel like they're in control of their Video Solution.