Mute function when joining an audio/presentation meeting

Idea created by kvoiles on Feb 21, 2017
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    Users at my company would like to see a feature or option implemented in the Lifesize client to either:

    a. allow them to join a "presentation only" meeting within the thick client (no audio) or,

    b. mute the audio (mic and inbound audio) when joining an audio + presentation meeting


    The reason behind this request is the fact that the majority of our users (80%?) have to dial in by phone because they do not have a USB headset for use with the application.  So in order to view the presentation piece, they have to also dial in with the client.  Unfortunately, some forget (or don't realize they need) to mute their mic/speakers and this ends up causing an echo effect on the call and chaos ensues, causing a lot of frustration for callers.


    I realize this is a user training issue to a certain extent, but these users have been used to the behavior of WebEx over the years and have become accustomed to not hearing audio through their PC when joining a meeting unless they specifically tell WebEx they will be using it for that piece once they've joined.