Improvements to Do Not Disturb on Icon/Phone HD

Idea created by nate.cook on Feb 27, 2017

    One of our biggest usability issues with the Icon series is Do Not Disturb.


    1. The red phone + prohibitory symbol does not make it apparent to end users that Do Not Disturb is on.
    2. End users calling in get one ring followed by "busy" - not apparent that it's in Do Not Disturb.
    3. The directory could show something besides Online/Offline. Maybe "in a call" and "do not disturb" could be other statuses.
    4. When someone calls in while Do Not Disturb is enabled, we would love if the Phone HD could give some silent indicator that there's an incoming call. Our idea is that the lights on top could blink and the screen would have a dialog to allow the call to be answered like normal, along with some indicator that it's not audibly ringing because DnD is on.