Lifesize Live Stream - Additional features

Idea created by csaraiva Partner on Mar 14, 2017
    Pending Review

    Hello Lifesize!


    It would be great to have the following features integrated with the new Live Stream service:

    - Welcome screen: having the ability to display a welcome message (branded with logo, etc.) before the stream becomes live

    - Thank you screen: having the ability to display a closing message (branded with logo, etc.) once the stream has ended (till the end of the day)

    - Chat: having the ability to do one-on-one Chat session with the Moderator to discuss private matters

    - Q&A: having the ability to submit questions for the Moderator to approve (or not) and then publish on the Event Chat

    - Event Chat: once the questions are approved by the Moderator they can be displayed on the global Chat of the event

    - Raise Hand: having the ability to "raise your hand" to ask your question on video (once approved by the Moderator) or for a second line of speakers to be able to interact on video with the viewers ("debate layout", side by side videos)

    - Poll: having the ability for the Moderator to launch a poll during the event and then display the results on the side

    - Production features like having the ability to display messages at the bottom of the stream, etc.

    - Analytics features like having the ability to collect all kind of statistics (participants list, connection/disconnection timing based on local time zone of the event, geo-distribution (country), connection's devices (room solution, desktop app, mobile app, webapp, audio-only, top participant, etc.)

    - Rating: having the ability to ask people to rate the meeting with a customisable question (star-based system + comments section)


    Thank you for considering!