Including guests into dashboard statistics

Idea created by on Mar 17, 2017
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    in the dashboard, the colored blocks and graphs show usage by devices within the account, not ALL calls including guests.


    I request a change, or an additional section or selection filter, to have the usage information for ALL calls, including also GUESTS users.


    Furthermore, in the bottom of the page in the CALL HISTORY there is the full list including guest calls, anyway ther is NOT the total call durations. And also, it is impossible to have the total call duration because the column Duration is expressed with a particular format (with hrs and min strings)  instead of a standard hh:mm format , so it is not easy to copy and elaborate into a sheet.

    It could be useful also a feature to download a CSV file with the full list for all calls.


    So, I suggest a new feauture to easily have the total call duration for a period including guests calls.


    Thank you.