Ability to join a "Skype" or "Microsoft Teams" meeting from Lifesize Cloud

Idea created by mcook Employee on Mar 24, 2017

    As per the title, this is a feature request to add the ability to join a "Skype meeting" or "Microsoft Teams meeting" from a Lifesize Cloud attached device. Today despite being able to call both to and from SfB (Skype for Business) users, it's not possible to join a Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams hosted meeting from a Lifesize Cloud device or client.


    This capability is highly desirable for end-user customers who've chosen to utilise SfB or MS Teams as their preferred desktop UC client and wish to leverage the higher quality of experience provided by Lifesize meeting room systems. It's important for customers who wish to preserve the same workflow of creating a "Skype for Business" meeting invite via the Outlook add-in and inviting colleagues to join, or similar workflows in MS Teams irrespective of the client or device they'll be join the call with/from.


    Another scenario is for customers who use Lifesize Cloud as their communication solution of choice, but have been invited to join a "Skype" or "MS Teams" meeting. Today the only option is to join via a web browser, despite having Lifesize Cloud clients or meeting room systems.


    In both cases, offering the alternative of suggesting the customer joins a "Lifesize Cloud" meeting is not an acceptable option.