Feature Request - Inbound URI Name Verification

Idea created by jsaylor Support on Mar 31, 2017
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    • jsaylor
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    Right now if an Icon is dialed over SIP, there is no way to force the remote unit to use the correct name/ID for the unit. You can dial it with just the IP, or with the wrong ID/Name in the form of a URI (examplay@unit_IP/domain instead of the correct example@unit_IP/domain). Basically, as long as the SIP traffic gets to the unit, the unit will react. This forces unit owners to use the anti-spam configuration that blocks all SIP calls, or to make constant updates to the blacklist on their firewalls in an attempt to mitigate spam calls.

    The request is to make it so that unit administrators can force the unit to respond only to SIP connections that are dialed to the unit's configured name or ID. This would force the unit to only respond if it is dialed by SIP URI, and the name/ID is correct.

    This was requested by Long View on behalf of MDA Limited.