Major Lifesize Cloud BUG !!

Idea created by rhodes4779 on May 10, 2017
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    2 Major inconveniences within LifeSize Cloud desktop client :


    1) When dialed in to a VMR from the client , and then dial the video centre from the address book , the "Press 1 ro record" does not work. If you dial the video centre first and start recording , you then cannot dial a VMR at all (all greyed out) . to get round this you have to manually dial sip:record:1@###.###.###.##  with 1 being your recording key (very inconvienent when we have so many recording keys.


    2) when you do the above (which is not ideal) if you , or anyone in the VMR did not create the VMR , there is no way to shut the video centre recording down and it will be recording indefinably (Totally unacceptable). the only way to shut it down , is for the VMR creator to log in and shut it down.


    the way round to #2 that support said , was to : Before the meeting starts , assign one of the participants that will be in the meeting as a moderator . We as a company have over 20 meetings over lifesize every day with various  people in the company, and I am the only person that can do this. so i cannot and do not have the time to be setting moderators all day.


    Suggested Fix :1)  create a way to form a Group in  that has moderator rights and then be able to add all my users to it. Assign said group to each VMR . that way any user can drop the video recorder.


    Suggested Fix : 2) re-develop so that the person that started the recording , has the authority to drop JUST himself AND the video recorder.