Ability to change the icon (image) of the Cloud Outlook Add-in

Idea created by gvillardi Employee on May 31, 2017
    Pending Review

    Feature Request created on behalf of potential customer Pasquier in France.


    Many Skype for Business customers do not wish to to change the user workflow when scheduling a video meeting through the Skype for Business Outlook Add-In.

    On the other hand, those same customers would like to be able to join the video meetings from both SfB clients and standard VC Room systems. To do that, all participants should meet on the LS Cloud meetings instead of the SfB ones.

    The problem is that the Skype for Business Add-In for Outlook does not allow customising the invitation message to drive participants to the LS Cloud meetings.


    This potential customer requests the possibility to change the image of the LS Cloud Outlook Add-In in order to make it look like similar to the Skype for Business one or at least to make it have a corporate look & feel.


    Once our Add-In has a new look, they could delete the Skype for Business Add-In in their Outlooks and all participants would meet in LS Cloud meetings while still maintaining the same scheduling workflow.