make auto disconnect time a selectable option

Idea created by jwinterbottom on May 18, 2017
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    Has there been any consideration in allowing Cloud admins to customize the time before auto termination when only one site is connected to a meeting room?  The auto timeout feature can be a bit problematic as I find meetings don't always start on time or video participants join later than expected. 


    In rooms with endpoints, I have a standard practice of not sending out invitations that dial the endpoint directly, even for point to point meetings.  I find that people try testing in advance and wind up disturbing a prior event by constantly ringing the endpoint.  The only problem with the meeting room option is the 30 minute time out. Let's say we join our end of the call 10 minutes early and the person calling in shows up late or I receive inaccurate info as to when the person is connecting, which happens a lot.  Being able to choose when an endpoint terminates a meeting room would be really useful.  Coming from the education sector you sometimes have to fly by the seat of your pants with the way some of these events are planned.  We haven't come across this using Cloud yet but we have held all day events where multiple people connect at different times and the 30 minute timeout is really a roadblock, it's just one more thing to remember and explain to our clients and to be honest, I'm looked at a little funny when I have to explain the 30 minute timeout to people.  I would even be happy with a meeting termination reminder that pops up on the screen that users can disable using the remote or something like that.  Perhaps 5-10 minutes before termination, a countdown timer starts that can be disabled?