Better app UX with Integrated Streaming Control

Idea created by moe.sawwas Partner on Jun 5, 2017
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    Hi Lifesize,


    Just a suggestion around integrating the Streaming to the Lifesize Cloud app.

    Suggested points as follows:


    1- Ability of the admin to give individual users the access to a Streaming tab on their Cloud app. Maybe also the ability of some customers to enable streaming using the app too (Rather than having to do it on the admin portal).

    2- Streaming is enabled  on a meeting room and certain moderator is assigned

    3- That moderator will be able to use the Streaming tab

    4- The Streaming tab will enable the moderator to join the conference, in addition to being able to control the conference. Moderator can also start and stop the Streaming from his/her app. They can also filter Streaming questions and reply through the same interface.

    5- Integrating a streaming option as part of the invite tab for meetings that had streaming enabled on.



    Doing this helps customers avoid the confusion caused currently by having to log in to numerous platforms to create, manage and participate in a streamed live call.



    Kind Regards,


    Moe Sawwas

    Aria Technologies

    Sydney, Australia