Swap Screen Button

Idea created by vtcer@jordan on Jul 7, 2017
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    I am currently utilizing 3 ICON 800 units with dual screen licenses with Crestron Room Controls. Often during presentations in two of the three rooms I get the question "Can you swap the screens?". Those two rooms feature a large projector screen with a smaller adjacent LED display. The same situation keeps appearing, a presentation is on the smaller screen and the participants want to be able to send that image to the larger screen. If there was a swap screen (or swap output) button either on screen or on the HD phone it would allow a simple swap to occur to allow the preferred arrangement (far side, presentation) to be toggled by the lifesize without doing anything complicated involving the users. Similar to the swap camera button already in use. I know this will only really help us dual display folks but to me it seems it would be fairly easy to execute.