Feature Request: Request to Speak Feature for Moderated Meetings

Idea created by jsaylor Support on Jul 19, 2017

    An individual from Kidder Mathews has requested additional feature for Moderated meetings. Right now, if a person calls into a moderated meeting through a PSTN connection and is muted, they do not have a way of requesting to speak or of unmuting themselves. This has created issues in some of their calls that are discussion based, because the participants talk over each other. The mute-all feature would not work in this case either, as the moderator would have no way of knowing someone wants to speak from a phone line. This would force them to unmute everyone, and the issue would still be present.

    This feature is requesting something be setup to notify the moderator that a specific user or PSTN caller would like to speak, allowing them to unmute just that one individual. this would work well alongside the feature Feature request: being able to mute people individually.