Phone HD - Making the Key Pad more visible

Idea created by rick Support on Sep 8, 2017

         At this time, we do not have the option to add the Key Pad button to the Customize Phone HD Screen and when you press the Call button, you go to the next screen you may or may not see the option to press the Key Pad. You have to swipe left if you do not see the Key Pad button. For people that use the Phone HD on a daily basis, this is not much of an issue because you know how to get the the Key Pad button but for casual or first time users of the HD phone this can be a bit confusing. When assisting users remotely, there are times when users get confused and unable find the dial pad to place a call.




         This Feature request is asking to have the Key Pad  added to the option for adding it to the main screen  and secondly move the Key Pad to the middle on the second screen so it is visible no matter if the second screen is panned left or right.






    Thank you for viewing this feature request and please feel free to comment below and vote on this request



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    Ricardo Colunga.