Feature Request - Not enough time to enter a VMR passcode when using the remote control

Idea created by rick Support on Sep 29, 2017

    At this point, when you call into a VMR with a passcode, if you don’t enter the passcode within about 15 seconds you get an error stating Connection lost Please wait and the call will drop in about 30 seconds. I had not noticed the issue since I use the LIfesize Generation 2 Phone to dial into the VMR so entering the passcode within the 15 seconds is not an issue but when using the remote this can be an issue.

    Recalling the Keypad Icon from the television UI and entering the pin and the # or * with the remote can easily take 15 seconds based on how prepared and comfortable you are using the Icon to place a call. This feature request is asking for more time to enter the passcode and not to prompt the Connection lost please wait which is a bit confusing as to what is happening.