"VPN traversal" for lifesize cloud

Idea created by tony Partner on Oct 12, 2017
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    Some customers use VPN to make videoconference calls due to the internet quality is poor or unstable.


    Is it possible to have a software or appliance which was deployed on customer's office to re-direct the video calls at poor internet quality site  to good internet quality site, then connect lifesize cloud?



    Headquarter: Internet Quality is good.

    Branch A: Internet Quality is good.

    Branch B: Internet Quality is poor/unstable


    The "VPN Traversal" was deployed in Headquarter, Branch B has a VPN to Headquarter. Then the calls flow can be:

    1) Headquarter: Direct to Internet (lifesize cloud)

    2) Branch A: Direct to Internet (lifesize cloud)

    3) Branch B: Through VPN to Headquarter then connect to Internet (lifesize cloud)


    I think this will very helpful to promote lifesize cloud.