Feature Request - WebApp Guest Phone Audio Process Change

Idea created by jsaylor Support on Oct 23, 2017
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    Jon Winterbottom from Brock University has brought up concerns with the Phone Audio side for Guests that call in from the Call Me page. Right now, managers can have up to 3 select phone numbers listed for quick reference, and these numbers show up in emails, and on the Call me page. If a guest proceeds to call in from the Call Me page, and selects to use Phone audio instead of computer audio, they are taken to a page with a drop down for selecting a phone number. The default number listed is the +1 (512) number, but all of the numbers are listed. The request is for this to change, and a couple alternatives were provided by the customer.


    - Leave the drop down blank;

    - Use the toll free number for North America


    Customer Comment:


    This is what I get when I try connecting to a meeting as a guest dial in user. As far as I know, this is a long distance call from Canada, why would your default number not be the 1 (844) number that is toll free in north america? If anything, that field should be blank and not pre-populated with a long distance number for most people. All I need is for someone to use this number instead and complain to me because they were charged long distance fees. This is also a bad workflow for customers that are sent one number in an invitation and then have this number show up by default. The drop down does provide all the numbers but the generic dial in number should be the 1-844 number and not this one.