Support for additional Digital MicPods on Icon 400/450

Idea created by mcook Employee on Oct 25, 2017
    Not Currently Considered
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    Today only the Lifesize Icon 600 and 800 models support adding Digital MicPods connected in series or parallel from the Lifesize Phone 2G/HD. The additional microphone pick-up range offered allows these systems to cater for larger meeting spaces. However, often Icon 400/450 units are chosen by customers as the 10x zoom capability and multiple screen options of the Icon 600/800 are not required.


    This idea calls for the same support for additional Digital MicPods (daisy chained via the Lifesize Phone 2G/HD) to be extended to both the Lifesize Icon 400 and 450 models, to allow customers greater flexibility with respect to audio pickup with these meeting room systems.


    This suggestion has been raised in direct response to several queries from end-user customers and Lifesize partners.